7 May 1901 - Two Injured
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Accidents at No. 4 Pit

7 May 1901

On Tuesday, May 7 1901, two miners were injured in separate incidents at Brayton Domain No. 4 pit.  They were:

  1. Richard JOHNSTON
  2. Joseph HARKER

The West Cumberland Times – Wednesday May 8 1901


Yesterday (Tuesday) morning an accident happened to Richard Johnston at No. 4, Brayton Domain Colliery. The unfortunate man was working at the face when a fall of roof took place. Thomas Rumney who was in the same working, speedily extracted his mate who was brought home on an ambulance, and Dr. Briggs was soon in attendance. Johnston was found to be suffering from a badly bruised back and ankle. The ambulance had almost just returned to the colliery when it was announced that Joseph Harker, another miner, had met with an accident through a very large stone falling upon him. The ambulance was at once requisitioned and all possible assistance rendered. This turned out to be an accident of a more serious nature, as Harker’s thigh was fractured and many parts of his body much bruised. Dr. Briggs assistant rendered medical aid.

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