18 Nov 1908 - One Killed
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Accidents at No. 5 Pit

18 November 1908

On 18 November 1908, Thomas Wigham, a sinker, received head injuries which lead to his death.

The West Cumberland Times Saturday December 12, 1908.



A pit sinker named Thomas Wigham, employed at No. 5, Brayton Domain Colliery, whilst following his employment on the 18th ult., had the misfortune to have his head cut by a pump handle which fell from a steam pump which was hanging about 20 feet above where he was working.  He was brought to the surface, and his wound was washed.  He was taken to Dr. Brigg's surgery where the cuts were stitched up.  He was able to proceed home, but grew gradually worse, and finally expired on Tuesday morning.

An inquest was opened before Mr W. C. Braithwaite, deputy coroner, and a jury of which Mr James Jardine Beattie, Castle Terrace, was foreman.  Evidence of identification was taken, after which the inquiry was adjourned until the 15th, at the Roslyn Temperance Hotel.

The West Cumberland Times Saturday December 19, 1908.



The adjourned inquiry on the death of Mr T. Wigham was held by the Deputy Coroner for West Cumberland (Mr Braithwaite) in the Roslyn Temperance Hotel on Tuesday.  Mr Atkinson, Inspector of Mines was also present; also Mr G. H. Askew represented the Colliery Company.  After hearing the evidence the jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."  The jury handed the fees over to the widow.


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