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1954 Directory of Aspatria

King Street, Aspatria. Circa 1963
King Street, Aspatria. Circa 1963


Aspatria, with Brayton forms a fairly large parish, and is part of the Penrith & The Border Constituency.  Bounded on the South by the river Ellen, and the sea to the West, Aspatria is situated on the main road between Maryport and Carlisle, and has a railway station on the Carlisle-Whitehaven line.  A Roman road leading from Old Carlisle to Ellenborough formerly passed through this township.

The present form of the name "Aspatria" is said to have come into use only within the last century, and there is little doubt about its origin.  It is believed to be derived either from "Gospatric," who was a former Lord of Allerdale, or alternatively from "Aspatrick" meaning "St. Patrick," a predecessor of St. Kentigern.

Most of the history of Aspatria is centred in or around St. Kentigern's church, which was rebuilt in 1846-48, because it was found to be too small for the rapidly increasing population of the Parish, but in the rebuilding, the architectural features of the old structure which it has replaced were preserved as far as possible, with special reference to the Norman doorway, the Norman arch between the nave and chancel, and the old Norman font, all of which are fine examples of the architecture of this period.  It should be noted, however, that prior to the Normans building a church there was a place of worship actually on this site.  In fact a tenth or eleventh century Saxon cross was found there, which is now in the church, and early sculptures are built into the vestry inside and out.  A pre-Norman is to be found in the Musgrave Chapel, whilst mediaeval grave slabs are in evidence on the east side of the churchyard wall.

The first of the nonconformist chapels was built in 1826, and was Congregational.  In 1886 a Baptist chapel was built, and a Methodist chapel in 1895.  Later still in 1929 the Methodist Hall was erected.

In this Parish is an extensive colliery, which was worked before 1681, whilst at Harriston in 1891 Mr. Joseph Harris built reading rooms for the use of miners and others employed by him at his collieries.

The Lawson Memorial circa 1913

The drill hall was erected at the commencement of the first world war, and the Sir Wilfrid Lawson Memorial, which is a fountain with four inlaid bronze tablets commemorating his life and work, is situated in the Market Place.  The Market Hall in the Market Place is used for meetings.  Market day is Wednesday, and early closing Thursday.

Aspatria is part of the Development Area, and some firms have already taken advantage of this locality.  The present population of Aspatria and Brayton is approximately 3,500, who receive their water supply from the river Ellen and Lake Overwater.

Aspatria and district Chamber of Trade and Commerce,
77 King Street, Aspatria

President: George W. Benson, Esq.  Vice-Chairman: George Allinson, Esq.  Financial Secretary: John J. Young, Esq.

First formed in 1913 as the Tradesmen's Association.  Re-named in 1948, The Aspatria & District Chamber of Trade & Commerce, and affiliated to the National Chamber of Trade.

The following is a surname index from the Aspatria entry in the 1954 Directory of Cumberland.


Allan, Alexander W., 12 St. Mungo's Park
Allan, Frederick, 3 Outgang Road
Allan, John G., 22 Brayton Road
Allan's, antique dealers, Castle Hill
Allinson, George, cycle dealer, 1a West Street
Allinson, George S., 3 West Street
Ambrose, Norman, 59 King Street
Andrew, John R., Woodside, Brayton Road
Armour, A., 27 North View
Armstrong, A., 9 Outgang Road
Armstrong, Alfred, 21 Outgang Road
Armstrong, Barbara, 61 Lawson St.
Armstrong, Edwin, 81 Lawson Street
Armstrong, Gordon, 24 East Crescent
Armstrong, James, 37 Noble Croft
Armstrong, J., 53 St. Mungo's Park
Armstrong, John, 21 Springkell
Armstrong, John, 5 Outgang Road
Armstrong, John, 67 North View
Armstrong, John R., Station Lodge, Brayton
Armstrong, John S., 46 Noble Croft
Armstrong, Joseph, 34 Lawson Street
Armstrong, Robert, 18 Brough Street
Armstrong, Robert, 22 Queen Street
Arnison, William, 9 St, Mungo's Park
Arnott, Arthur G., 7 Lawson Street
Arnott, John W., 4 Harriston
Arnott, Joseph, Letters Inn, Outgang Road
Arnott, Joseph, S., 85 North View
Arnott, Senhouse,. 97 Harriston
Arnott, Walker, 42:Noble Croft
Ashworth, Frederick, 30 Outgang Rd.
Ashworth. J. V. H., 5 Queen Street
Ashworth, Mary E., 87 King Street
Ashworth, Thomas D.; 25 St. Mungo's Park
Askew, John R.,54 King Street
Askew, Mary I., 67 Queen Street
Askew, R. E. H., Newsagent and Bookseller, 46a Queen Street
Askew, Robert E. H., 48a Queen Street
Aspatria Agricultural Co-operative Society Ltd., Beacon View
Aspatria and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce (General Secretary: John J. Young, Esq.), 77 King Street
Aspatria Industrial Co-operative Soc., Ltd., 32c King Street, and branches
Atkinson Catherine, 22 King Street
Atkinson, David, 48 Noble Croft
Atkinson, Donald, 12 Brayton Road
Atkinson, Fanny, 10 Springkell
Atkinson, John, 25 Arkleby Road
Atkinson, John E., 9 Queen Street
Atkinson, Margaret A., 36 West Street 11
Atkinson, Sydney, 29 Noble Croft
Atkinson, William E., 40 Noble Croft

Bacon, Doris A. E., 51 King Street
Baillie, Mary W., 50 West Street
Barclay, Andrew, 80 West Street
Barnes, Albert W., 60 Queen Street
Barnes, Albert W., 12 Noble Croft
Barnes, Cyril, 58 Queen Street
Barnes, John G., Brooklyn House, Arkleby Road
Barnes, John W., 32 Lawson Street
Barnes, Lilian, 44 Outgang Road
Barnes, Sarah M., 38 Outgang Road
Barnfield, Charles, Woodlands, Brayton Road
Barrow, Norman, 4 Station Road
Barton, B., 16 North View
Barton, Benjamin R., 25 East Cres.
Barton, Eleanor, 7 Queen Street
Barton, Henry J., 10 Queen Street
Barton, Mary A., 9 Lawson Street
Barton, Tom, 99 Harriston
Barton, William, 30 East Crescent
Bateman, Joseph, 51 St. Mungo's Park
Bateman, Joseph, 38 Springkell
Baty, William, 1 Stock Hill
Baum, William R., 2 North Road
Baxter, Reginald, 48 North View
Beattie, George E., Queen Street
Beattie, James D., Hill Croft, North Road
Beaty, Robert F., School House, Queen Street
Bell, Amy, Richmond Hill, 57 Queen Street
Bell, Davidson, 17 Lawson Street
Bell, Hilda, ladies hairdresser, 31 Queen Street
Bell, I., 19 West Street
Bell, J. G. and Son, aerated water manufacturers, Central Works
Bell, James, 40 Lawson Street
Bell, John, 47 King Street
Bell, John, 21 King Street
Bell, John W., 87 North View
Bell, Joseph, 4 Lawson Street
Bell, Joseph, 82 West Street
Bell, Joseph, 75 King Street
Bell, Joseph J., 7 Noble Croft
Bell, Mary, 23 North View
Bell, R., 58 St. Mungo's Park
Bell, Robert, 2 Brayton Road
Bell, Robert S., 62 Harriston
Bell, Robert T., 3 Temple Terrace
Bell, Samuel, Meadow Croft, Brayton Road
Bell, Thomas, 1 Brough Street
Bell, Thomas H., 4 Brayton Road
Bell, Thomas W., 73 Lawson Street
Bell, William, High Bank, Outgang Road
Bemebridge, Gertrude, 70 Lawson St.
Bennett, John R., 13 King Street
Bennie, Douglas, 70 North View
Benson, Arthur, 9 Park Road
Benson, George, Station View, Arkleby Road
Benson, Margaret, 1 Thompson's Road
Benson, Robert, 31 Noble Court
Berwick, Clara H., 32a Lawson Street
Berwick, Henry, 35 Lawson Street
Berwick, Henry, 38 King Street
Berwick, Humphrey, 30 Harriston
Berwick, James 48 Harriston
Berwick, John, 52 Harriston
Berwick, Joseph, 81 North View
Berwick, Tom, 27 East Crescent
Berwick, William, 94 Harriston
Berwick, William, 14 Brayton Road
Bewley, Thomas, 5 Thompson's Yard
Birkett, Thomas, 4 North View
Birney, John, 26 Harriston
Birney, John R., 34 Queen Street
Bland, Daniel, 7 Brough Street
Bland, Thomas P., 10 Brayton Road
Blackburn, George, East Mill
Blacklock, Eleanor, 69 Harriston
Blacklock, Lancelot, 28 North View
Blair, Henry, 45 Harriston
Blair, J., 37 Harriston
Blair, James L., 45 Park Road
Blair, Jonathan, 10 Lawson Street
Blamire, James L., 7a Arkleby Road
Blamire, Robert, 7 South View
Blamire, T., 42 Outgang Road
Bland, James, 47 Outgang Road
Blenkinsopp, William, 27a King St.
Boland, Hugh D., 1 East Crescent
Borthwick, David Y., 39 Park Road
Bosward, John G., 9 Harriston
Bouch, Annie, 17 King Street
Bouch, C., fruiterer, confectioner, newsagent and tobacconist, 12
Market Square
Bouch, Florence, 11 St. Mungo's Park
Bouch, George, 50 Outgang Road
Bouch, H., hardware dealer, 2a King Street
Bouch, Henry S., 4a King Street
Bouch, Hilderic, 39 St. Mungo's Park
Bouch, Ian K., 71 King Street
Bouch, J., baker and fruiterer, King St.
Bouch, John, grocer, 27 King Street
Bouch, John, 33 St. Mungo's Park
Bouch, Kenneth C., 15 Park Road
Bouch, L., grocer, Market Square
Bouch, Ralph H., 13 North View
Bouch, Tom, 21 Harriston
Bouch, William, 54 St. Mungo's Park
Bouch, William, 54 Queen Street
Bouch, William, 12 Market Square
Bowe, Robert, 9 Arkleby Road
Braithwaite, Stanley, 3 South View
Brenan, Alfred, 14 Queen Street
Briggs, Tom, Cockgate, Gowrie
Brough, Peter, 63 Noble Croft
Brough, Robert, Rosemount, Brayton Road
Brown, Alexander, 44 Harriston
Brown, George E., 15 Noble Croft
Brown, George R., 26 St. Mungo's Park
Brown, Henry, 5a Arkleby Road
Brown, James, 49 St, Mungo's Park
Brown, John, 94 North View
Brown, Joseph, 5 Crookey
Brown, Joseph, 23 Springkell
Brown, Joseph L., 24 North View
Brown, Richard, 52a Queen Street
Brown, Richard, 24 Harriston
Brown, Robert, 27 Harriston
Brown, Roy, 68 Queen Street
Brown, William, 25 Harriston
Brunton, Thomas, 91 North View
Buchanan, J., 104 Harriston
Buchanan, James D., 38 West Street
Buchanan, Stanley, 75 North View
Buchanan, Stanley, 1 Harriston
Buchanan.. Thomas, 25 Station Road
Bulman, George, 19 Noble Croft
Burton, Mary T., 78 West Street
Buttery, Allister, Yarra House, King Street
Byers, T., 11 St. Mungo's Park

Callister, J., 47 Queen Street
Calvert, Thomas W., 34 West Street
Cameron, John, 17 Station Road
Cameron, John, 18 Lawson Street
Cameron, John W., 22 Springkell
Campbell, Stephen A., 14 King Street
Carling, Joseph, 24 Croft Terrace
Carr, Mary, 27 Lawson Street
Carrick, John P., 23a King Street
Carruthers, Mabel, 21 Noble Croft
Carruthers, Thomas S., Jubilee Lodge, Brayton
Carter, Samuel, 55 North View
Cartner, Ann W., 5 Brough Street
Charters, Cyril F., 3 Arkleby Road
Charters, J., 16 King Street
Charters, James G., 44 Lawson Road
Charters, John O., 29 North View
Chester, Harold, 24 West Street
Church, Frederick, 30 North View
Clark, Benjamin, 39 Arkleby Road
Clark, J., 12 Springkell
Clark, James, 86 Harriston
Clark, John 18 Harriston
Clark, John R., 7 North View
Clark, Robert, 51 Harriston
Clark, Thomas, 38 North View
Clegg, Jack, 72 North View
Clementson, John S, 9 Station Road
Close, Albert, 6 King Street
Clulow, Betsy, 14 Station Road
Coates, Frederick, Croft House; Station Road
Cobb, Lydia H., 13 Queen Street
Coils, Michael J., 56 St. Mungo's Park
Comash, Stephen, 42 St, Mungoís Park
Cooper, Maurice A., 21a King Street
Cooper, Thomas, District Bank Chambers
Coulthard, Charles, 3 Brough Street
Coulthard,William F.H., 64 King St.
Cowen, Robert W., 44 Queen Street
Craigill, Thomas, 30 Station Road
Creighton, Thomas, 35 Noble Croft
Crellin, Robert, 96 Harriston
Crellin, Thomas, 25 Queen Street
Crellin, William, 12 Station Road
Crosthwaite, May, 8 St Mungo's Park
Crouch, Herbert, 36 Lawson Street
Cumberland Federal. Co-operative Soc. Ltd., bakery
Cumberland Moss Litter Industry, Whitrigg
Cumbrian Implement Co. Ltd., King St. Tel. 269
Cuthell, George R., 21 Brough Street
Cuthell, George W., 47 Harriston
Cuthell, Guy, 30 Croft Terrace
Cuthell, J., 19 Lawson Street
Cuthell, James, 73 Queen Street
Cuthell, John B, 64 Harriston
Cuthell, Priscilla M., 49 Harriston


Dacre, Joseph, 88 North View
Dalzell, Anthony, 60 King Street
Dand, Joseph H, 11 Lawson Street
Dand, William B., 9a Lawson Street
Davey, John, 19 West Street
Davidson, Alexander, 12 Brough St.
Davidson, James, 22 Brough Street
Davidson, John, 35 Park Road
Davidson, John; 53 Noble Croft
Dawson, Joseph W, 9 North View
Dial, H., grocer, Station Road
Dial, Harry, 85 Lawson Street
Dial, Joseph H., 2 Station Road
Dickinson, Grace, 9 King Street
Dickinson,: Jonathan, 9 Springkell
Dickinson, Kenneth, 3 Springkell
Dicks, Charles W., 23 Station Road
Dirkin, George, 50 King Street
Dixon, Ada, 6 Comely Bank
Dixon, Cyril, 34 North View
Dixon, Elsie M., North View
Dixon, F., 58 Harrlston,
Dixon, James, 2 Meadow View, Arkleby Road
Dixon, James, 45 North View
Dixon, John, 2 Temple Terrace
Dixon, John, 18 Comely Bank
Dixon, John, 75 Harriston
Dixon, John J., 1 West Street
Dixon, Joseph, 41 Harriston
Dixon, Joseph H., 52 Lawson Street
Dixon, Robert, Kennels Cottage, Brayton Road
Dixon, Stanley, 83 Harriston
Dixon, Thompson, 9 Pringle
Dixon, Thompson, 38 Harriston
Dixon, Walter M., 6 Harriston
Dobie, Ellen, 16 Lawson Street
Dobinson, Bernard, 9 Queen Street
Dodd, John J., 45 King Street
Dodgson, Jane, 20 Croft, Terrace
Dodgson, Joseph P., 10 Comely Bank
Dodgson, Samuel, 1 South View
Douglas, Andrew M., 61 Queen Street
Douglas, Harrison, 22 Noble Croft
Douglas, Harry, 52 Outgang Road
Douglas, I., 9 Market Square
Douglas, John, 17 Harriston
Douglas, John, Graygarth, Harriston Road
Douglas, Mary J., 20 St. Mungo's: Park
Douglas, Thomas, 39 Harriston
Douglas, Thomas, Garden Cottage, Brayton
Douglas, William C., 34 King Street
Downey, Elizabeth, 53 Harriston
Duff, Harold, 5 West Street
Dunglinson, George, 18 Brayton Rd.
Dunglinson, Robert, 25 Park Road
Dunn, Elizabeth, 4 St. Mungo's Park
Dyer's Garage, Market Square

Easdon, Elizabeth; 50 Noble Croft
Easterbrook, Edwin G., 55 Harriston
Easterbrook, Ernest, 5 Springkell
Easterbrook, John, 54 Outgang Road
Easterbrook, William J., 53 Noble Croft
Edgar, Joe, 40 North View
Edmondson; John N., 35 King Street
Edmondson, Nichol, 44a Queen Street
Edmondson, William, 17 Queen Street
Eelbeck, Mary J., 20 Brayton Road
Eland, John, Co-operative Bungalow, Harriston
Elliott, James, 59 St. Mungo's Park
Evans, Humphrey, Greystones, Outgang Road

Farish, Thomas, 67 Noble Croft
Fell, Edward W., 42 North View
Fell, John, 69 Queen Street
Fell, Joseph, 58 Lawson Street
Fell, Joseph, 50, St. Mungo's Park
Fennell, Mildred, 15 King Street
Ferguson, Reginald, 14 Comely Bank
Fisher, Albert, 21 Noble Croft
Fletcher, William, 42 Harriston
Forbes, Alex K., 57 Park Road
Forester, Joseph, 13 Outgang Road
Forester, S., 59 Queen Street
Forster, Grace, 37 Park Road
Forsyth, Ellen, 4 Thompsonís Yard
Foster, Sydney E., 43 Park Road
Fraser, D. G., gentlemen's hairdresser, King Street
Friday, Edna M., 44a Lawson Street
Frizzle, David, 43.Harriston
Frizzle, Edith, 28 East Crescent
Frizzle, I., 40 Harriston
Fuller, Edward, 37 Queen Street
Furniss, Ethel, 36 King Street


Gates, William, 82 Harriston
Gaylard, Samuel, 21 Pringle
Giannetti, P. & Son., confectioner, 16a King Street. Tel. 303
Gibson, John B., 24 Brayton Road
Gibson, Thomas, 7 Springkell
Gibson, W., 32 Queen Street
Gilbranch, Norman, 29 Arkleby Rd.
Gill, Ethel, 2 Noble Croft
Glaister, John, 28 Harriston
Glaister, Tom, 26 Noble Croft
Glaister, Tom, 51 Park Road
Glencross, Ebenezer, 20 Lawson St.
Glencross, Geoffrey, 20 Station Road
Glencross, Mary M., 62 Lawson Street
Glencross, William J., 14 Lawson St.
Goodall, George, plumber, 42 Queen St. Tel. 363
Goodall Mary A., 15 Brough Street
Gordon, Isabella, 73 King Street
Goudge, Joseph H., 35 Outgang Road
Graham, A. I., 7 Arkleby Road
Graham, Cyril, 37 Arkleby Road
Graham, Dorothy, 15 Queen Street
Graham, Edward, 23 Outgang Road
Graham, Grace E., 49 King Street
Graham, Harold C., 79 King Street
Graham, Isaac, 32 Station Road
Graham, James, 38 Noble Croft
Graham, John G., 3 Noble Croft
Graham, John W., 11 Outgang Road
Graham, Joseph, 90 Harriston
Graham, Mary. 28 King Street
Graham, Sidney T., 90 North View
Graham, Thomas, 8 Station Road
Graham, Thomas W., 63 King Street
Graham, William, 5 King Street
Grapes Hotel, Market Square. Tel. 292
Graves, Thomas, 18 King Street
Graves, Tom, 73 Harriston
Gray, John W., Prospect Farm
Gray, Joseph, Midtown Farm, King St
Greenhow, Henry L., 21 Pringle
Greenhow, Reginald, 47 Arkleby Road
Greer, Hugh, 50 North View
Greig, J., Housenrigg, Brayton
Griffiths, James I. J., 85 King Street

Hackney, M. & Co. Ltd., furniture manufacturers
Halifax Building Society, 67 King St.
Hanabury, Betsey, 6a Brough Street
Hanabury, David, 5 Noble Croft
Hanley, Benjamin, 103 North View
Hanley, Dorothy, 11 King Street
Hanley, John W., 22 Lawson Street
Hannah, John, 68 North View
Hardisty, William, 32 West Street
Harker, Christopher, 17 Springkell
Harker, Edward, 12 North View
Harker, Joseph, 47 North View
Harker, Margaret, 29 Arkleby Road
Harker, Stephen M.,92 West Street
Harley, John, 84 West Street
Harley, Kate, 34 Outgang Road
Harley, Margaret, 33 West Street
Harley, Robert, 30a West Street
Harrington, S., Wellington Farm, Brayton
Harrison, Ernest, 65 Noble Croft
Harrison. john, 10 Market Square
Harrison, Joseph, 75 Lawson Street
Harrison, Tom, 6 St. Mungo's Park
Hastings, William S., 1 Outgang
Hazlewood, James, 2 Lawson Street
Harlewood, William, 48 St. Mungo's Park
Heathcote, Alfred W., 2a King Street
Henderson, Ritson, 32 Outgang Road
Henderson, William, 17 St. Mungo's Park
Hendley, Daisy, 55 Noble Croft
Hendley. Ronald, 77 North View
Henney, Robert G., 21 West Street
Hetherington, William, 51 Lawson St.
Hewitson, Bertie, 53 King Street
Hewitson, George, 41 St. Mungo's Park
Hewitson, J., 49 Park Road
Hewitson, James, 107 Harriston
Hewitson, John, 19a West Street
Hewitson, Joseph B., 60 St. Mungo's Park
Hewitson, Joseph, 1 Arkleby Road
Hewitson, Leonard, 4 Temple Terrace
Hill, Joseph, 8 North View
Hillary, Ann, 49 Arkleby Road
Hillary, Ernest, 55 Park Road
Hillary, George, 58 Noble Croft
Hillary, J., 1 Pringle
Hillary, Joseph Ltd., agricultural engineers, Station Works
Hillary, Joseph, 33 Park Road
Hillary, Joseph, 22 Outgang Road
Hillary, Mary A., 11 Brough Street
Hillary, Thomas, Brandraw Hotel, Market Square
Hillary, Tom H., 20 Springkell
Hillary, William, 57 King Street
Hilton, Herbert, 8 Brayton Road
Hodgson, E., 56 Outgang Road
Hodgson, George, 16 Comley Bank
Hodgson, George T., 10 North View
Hodgson, Georgina, 25 Springkell
Hodgson, Gordon, 54 Queen Street
Hodgson, James, 34 Noble Croft
Hodgson, John, 22 Harriston
Hodgson, John, 58 North View
Hodgson, John W., 106 Harriston
Hodgson, John W., 46a Queen Street
Hodgson, Joseph W., 32 St. Mungo's Park
Hodgson, Joseph Y., 36 Harriston
Hodgson, Kenneth, 16 Harriston
Hodgson, Kercal, 30 Springkell
Hodgson, Mollie, 11 Springkell
Hodgson, Thomas W., 45 West Street
Hodgsons of Prospect Ltd., Prospect Garage, Shell and B.P. Service Station
Holden, John, 62 Queen Street
Holden, Jonathan, 20 Noble Croft
Holden, Joseph, 80 Harriston
Holden, R., 59 Harriston
Holden, Thomas H., 89 King Street
Holdroyd, Charles, 1a Arkleby Road
Holdsworth, Walter S., 70 Harriston
Holliday, Baden P., 8 Comely Bank
Holliday, Betsy, 5 Park Road
Holliday, John B., 1 Brayton Gardens
Holliday, J., fruiterer and greengrocer, 63 Queen Street. Tel. 350
Holliday, Robinson & Co., drapers and ironmongers, 28 Queen Street
Holliday, Thomas E., 26 Queen Street
Holmes, Frank, 69 Lawson Street
Hope, Henry, 21 East Crescent
Hope, John, 100 Harriston
Hope, John H., 15 Lawson Street
Hope, William. 62 North View
Hoskins, Stanley, 61 North View
Howorth, Margaret, Brandraw Cottage, West Street
Huddart, William, 34 Harriston
Hunter, Alexander, dentist, 55 King St.
Hunter, Joseph R., 51 Park Road
Hunter, Joseph R., 7 Outgang Road
Hunter, William E., 54 Harriston
Huntingdon, Henry, 40 West Street
Husbands, Arthur H., 21 King Street

Illingworth, Thomas, 66 Queen Street
Iredale, Alfred, 6 South View
Iredale, Harry, 11 Harriston
Irving, Eva, 23 Park Road
Irving, John, 33 Noble Croft
Irving, Mary, 3 Queen Street
Irving, Thomas A., 23 Arkleby Road
Irving, Thomas W., 62 Noble Croft

Jackson, Bertie, 28 Lawson Street
Jackson, Harry, 54 Lawson Street
Jackson, Jane, 42 King Street
Jackson, Tom, 17 Park Road
Jackson, William, 71 Queen Street
James, Joseph, 27 Park Road
Jefferson, David, 66 West Street
Jefferson, John, 16 Lawson Street
Jefferson, Thomas, 62 King Street
Jefferson, William R., 44 West Street
Jennings, James, 14 Springkell
Johnson, Joseph, Red Gables, Station Road
Johnston, A., 81 Harriston
Johnston, Benjamin, Globe Inn, 5 Lawson Street
Johnston, David, 30 Noble Croft
Johnston, Fred, 10 Noble Croft
Johnston, George, 47 Noble Croft
Johnston, George F., 29 Outgang Rd.
Johnston, Hannah, 26 Lawson Street
Johnston, Herbert R., 7 West Street
Johnston, J.. 14 St. Mungo's Park
Johnston, James, Creamery Houses, Arkleby Road
Johnston, John, 23 Lawson Street
Johnston, John, 54 North View
Johnston, John G., 52 North View
Johnston, Joseph H., 4 Brough Street
Johnston, Richard, 2 West Street
Johnston, Robert, 20 Outgang Road
Johnston, Robert S., 6 Brough Street
Johnston, Thomas, 50 Lawson Street
Johnston, Thomas D., 40 Outgang Rd.
Johnston, Thomas W., 92 North View
Johnston, W., 26 Croft Terrace
Johnston, W., 13 St. Mungo's Park
Jones, Cyril, 60 North View
Jones, Ernest, Meadow House, Arkleby Road
Jones, Isaac, 24 St, Mungo's Park

Kane, Cecil, 58 Outgang Road
Kelly, Ernest, 6 Springkell
Kendall, Albert E,.Comely Bank
Kennedy, William R., 25 West Street
Kenny, George, 4 East Crescent
Kenny, George W., 21 Arkleby Road
Kerr, Charles, 35 Harriston
Kerr, Mabel, 51 Queen Street
Key, Thomas, 25 North View
Kinson, Wilfred H., Wellington Cot., Brayton
Kirkbride, Christina, 28 Brayton Rd.
Kirkbride, Joseph, 56 Queen Street
Kirkbride, T., 13 Harriston
Kirkbride, William H., 43a Park Rd.
Klotz, Edward J., 86 North View
Knights, Harold, Police Station, Station Road
Kyffin, Edward, 50a Queen Street

Laidlow, John, 3 Harriston
Laidlow, Tom, 15 North View
Laidman, Arthur, 54 West Street
Lamb, William, 28 Station Road
Lambert, Isabella, 12 Lawson Street
Lambeth, Kenneth, 11 North View
Lancaster. Hilda, Killhow. Crookey
Lane, Gerald, Grey Gables, Outgang Road
Lapping, George, 40a Springkell
Larbalestier, Thomas, 35 Queen Street
Larma, Ltd., clothing manufacturers, Ellen Vale Factory
Laverty, Patrick, 19 Park Road
Law, Joseph, The Kiln Bungalow, South View
Lawman, George, 47 Park Road
Laydon, William, 19 Outgang Road
Lazonby, David H., 4 Springkell
Lazonby, John, Post Office, Lawson Street
Lazonby, John W., 4 South View
Lazonby, Joseph, 103 Harriston
Lazonby, Leslie, 17 Brough Street
Lazonby, Walter L., 43 North View
Ledgerwood, William, 85 Harriston
Lennox, Barbara, 18 Queen Street
Lennox, R. W., grocer, Queen Street
Lennox, William S., 85a Lawson St.
Lister, John, 86 West Street
Lister, Robinson, 70 Noble Croft
Lister, W., 47 St. Mungo's Park
Little, Leonard, 26 Brayton Road
Little, Robert, 30 North View
Little, Tom, Field Cottage, Station Road
Little, William, 1 St. Mungo's Park
Little, William J., 25 Outgang Road
Littleton, Janet D., 11 Station Road
Littleton, Mary H., 31 Queen Street
Lockhart, Alex. McC., 68 Noble Croft
Longcake, Cyril, 26 East Crescent
Longcake, Thomas, 5 St. Mungo's Park
Lowrie, George, 40 Springkell
Lowrie, Wilson, 23 West Street
Lowther, Lawrence, 22 East Crescent
Lunney, Reginald D., 74 North View

McCartney, W., 105 Harriston
McCracken, William, 18 North View
McCullough, Thomas, 19 Queen Street
McDowell, Alfred, 27 Outgang Road
McDowell, Walter, 77 Harriston
McFarlane, George, 44 Station Road
MacFarlane, Robert, 17 St. Mungo's Park
MacFarlane, Roland, 30 West Street
McGough, Matthew, 7 Park Road
McKay, George, painter and decorator, 42 King Street
Mackay, John, 13 Lawson Street
McKee, Joseph, 44 St. Mungo's Park
McMullen, Margaret, 1 North View
McMurray, F., 83 Lawson Street
McMurray, Leonard, Karibu, Brayton Road
McMurray, William E., 83a Lawson Street
McVittie, Robert, 9 Station Cottages, Brayton
Main, Robert, 8 Harriston
Mansfield, Thomas, 55 Lawson Street
Mark, Norman, 2 Thompson's Yard
Markwick, Henry, 28 Noble Croft
Martin, Joseph, Home Farm Cottage, Brayton
Martin, Tom, 33 Lawson Street
Mason, William H., The Manse, Queen Street
Matthews, Ernest, fruiterer, grocer and tobacconist,14a King Street
Matthews, J. W. & M., bakers, 51a and 53a Queen Street
Matthews, Joseph, gentlemen's hairdresser, 51a Queen Street
Matthews, Robert, Bank House, King Street
Maughan, Thomas, 50 Queen Street
Maxwell, George H., boot and shoe retailer and repairer, 18a Queen St.
Maxwell, J. H., 27 Arkleby Road
Maxwell, Robert, 49 Noble Croft
Melville, Aubrey A., 61 Noble Croft
Merrin, George S., 53 North View
Messenger, Jacob, Bryngarth, Station Road
Messenger, William, 57 Lawson Street
Metcalf, J., 31 St. Mungo's Park
Metcalf, John J., 83 North View
Metcalf, Lawrence, 14 North View
Metcalf, Richard, 20 Harriston
Metcalf, Robert; 88 Harriston
Metcalf, Tom, 24 Springkell
Metcalf, William G., Castle Hill
Metcalfe, Hilda E., 4a Brough Street
Metcalfe, J., 46 St. Mungo's Park
Meyers, Harold, 3 North View
Meyers, Reginald, 57 Noble Croft
Milburn, Margaret S., 83 King Street
Miller, Archibald, 68 West Street
Miller, Joseph, Aspatria Hall, Queen St
Miller, Nancy, 29 Lawson Street
Miller, Richard, West Farm, West St.
Miller, Richard, 29 West Street
Miller, Saul, St. Mungo's Croft
Miller, Saul, agricultural & electrical engineer, King Street. Tel. 267
Miller, Saul, 41 Park Road
Miller, Thomas, 59 Park Road
Miller, Thomas W., 31 Lawson Street
Millican, James, 6 North View
Mitchinson, Martin, 36 Queen Street
Moffatt, A. R., Grapes Hotel, Market Square
Moffatt, Jonathan, 22 Croft Terrace
Monkhouse, Dorothy, 20 Brough St.
Monkhouse, George E., Townfield Hse
Monkhouse, John N., 42 West Street
Monkhouse, Marian, 12 Harriston
Monkhouse, Mary, 68 Harriston
Monkhouse, Nancy, 5 Pringle
Monkhouse, Ritson, 57 Harriston
Monkhouse, Robert H., 67 Harriston
Moore, Henry E., 25a King Street
Moore, James, 19 Brough Street
Moore, John M., 8 Lawson Street
Moore, Samuel, 101 North View
Moore, William, 7 St, Mungo's Park
Moores, cafe, King Street
Morley, William, 24 Noble Croft
Morrow, Arthur, 2 South View
Mounsey, George, 18 West Street
Mounsey, Joseph S., 39 West Street
Mulcaster, Joseph, 43 Lawson Street
Mumberson, Alfred, 29 Harriston
Mumberson, Thomas, 84 North View
Murdock, Joseph, 8 Queen Street
Murdoch, Samuel, 43 Noble Croft
Murdoch, William, 45 Noble Croft
Murray, Jane A., Llama Cottage, Harriston Road
Murray, Robert, 6 Temple Terrace

Nealey, Dora, 56 Noble Croft
Nealey, Robert, 41 King Street
Nelson, George, 53 Park Road
Nelson, John, 22 King Street
Nelson, M., 28 West Street
Newell, Albert W.; 69 King Street
Nicoll, Samuel K., 35 North View
Nixon, Charles, 30 Queen Street
North, Thomas, 15 St. Mungo's Park

Oglanby, Harold, 91 King Street
Oglanby, Isaac, 44 North View
Oglanby, John, 14 Noble Croft
Oglanby, Robert, 26 West Street
Oglanby, Thomas J., 46 Queen Street
Oglanby, W., 25 Noble Croft
Oglanby, William, 53 Lawson Street
Olivant, George F., 69 North View
Oliver, Fred, 24a Brayton Road
Oliver, Robert, 2 Brough Street
Ostle, Joseph, 2 Outgang, North Rd.
Over, James R., 7 Market Square
Over, John, 97 North View
Over, Richard J., Bungalow, Market Square

Paisley, William, 95 Harriston
Palace, Cinema, Aspatria
Pape, Martha, 31 Harriston
Pape, William L., 26 Croft Terrace
Park, John, 11 Pringle
Parker, George H., 5 Harriston
Parker, I., 5 Station Cottages, Brayton
Parker, Robert, 34 Springkell
Parkin, George C., 7 Harriston
Parkin, James, 72 Harriston
Parkin, John, 89 Harriston
Patterson, Annie, 60 Harriston
Pattinson, Eric B., 56 King Street
Pattinson, George, 33 Harriston

Pattinson, J. & Son, chemists, 56 King Street. Tel. 236
Pattinson, John, 16 Brough Street
Pattinson, Roy, 76 North View
Pearson, George, 2 St. Mungo's Park
Pearson, James L., 48 Queen Street
Pearson, John, 5 Arkleby Road
Pearson, John M., 21 North View
Pearson, Joseph, 2 Harriston
Pearson, Margaret, 3a Arkleby Road
Pearson, Martha J., 19 Arkleby Road
Pearson, Thomas R., 66 Harriston
Pearson, William, 56 Harriston
Peel, Joseph, 45 St. Mungo's Park
Pennington, Allan, 22 St. Mungo's Park
Pennington, John P., 41 Arkleby Rd.
Pennington, Joseph, Station House
Pennington, Mary, 19 Springkell
Pennington, Thomas S., 71 Noble Croft
Pennington, W., 46 North View
Penrice, James L., 78 North View
Percival, Ann, Holme Lea, Brayton Road
Phillips, Charles, 1 North Road
Pollard, Herbert, 32 Harriston
Pooley, Tom, 21 Outgang Road
Potter, L. R., 30 Brayton Road
Potts, Ira, 1 Housenrigg Cottages, Brayton
Poultney, Richard, 4 Noble Croft
Powley, Alexander, 70 West Street
Pritchard, Harold, 31 Arkleby Road

Rae, William, 49 Queen Street
Raine, Stephen, 21 St. Mungo's Park
Rankin, Archibald, Brandraw House, West Street
Ranson, Joseph, 3 Housenrigg Cottages, Brayton
Rawlings, E., 7 Station Road
Ray, D. R., 60 West Street
Ray, George, 80 North View
Ray, John M., 58 West Street
Raynor, Thomas J., 31 West Street
Reay, Christopher, 31 Outgang Road
Reay, Daisy C., 48 Outgang Road
Reay, George, 93 North View
Reay, J., 49 North View
Reay, John E., 95 North View
Reay, John E., 13 Pringle
Reay, Joseph, 65 North View
Reay, Tom, 10 Harriston
Reay, W., 1 Noble Croft
Reay, Walter, Station Hotel
Reay, William, 43 St. Mungo's Park
Redpath, Thomas S., 99 North View
Reed, James, 71 Harriston
Reed, Sydney, 64 North View
Relph, Robert, Hillcrest, Brayton Rd.
Richards, G., draper and outfitter, 39-41 Queen Street
Richardson, Albert E., 43 King Street
Richardson, Frank N., 6 Lawson St.
Richardson, James, 34 St. Mungo's Park
Richardson, John W., 32 Noble Croft
Richardson, Joseph, 98 Harriston
Richardson, Nicholson, 56 North View
Richardson, R., 15 Pringle
Richardson, Ralph, 13 Brough Street
Richardson, Thomas, 19 North View
Richardson, Thomas W., 21 Lawson Street
Ridley, James, 41 Noble Croft
Ridley, John S.,39 North View
Ridley, Tom A., 15 Outgang Road
Ridley, Wilfred H., 18 St, Mungo's Park
Rigg and Strong, solicitors, 67 King St.
Rigg, William, 12 King Street
Robertson, John, 45 Arkleby Road
Robinson, George W., 96 North View
Robinson, J., 23 Harriston
Robinson, James, 45 Lawson Street
Robinson, Leonard, 73 North View
Robinson, Richard L., 77 Queen St.
Robinson, Robert, 32 Queen Street
Robinson, Thomas, 1 Crookey
Robson, Benjamin, 28 Harriston
Rogers, Edward, 7 King Street
Rogerson, Annie A., 29 Queen Street
Rogerson, Fred, 51 North View
Rogerson, W., 35 West Street
Ross, Alexander, 85 Lawson Street
Routledge, Gordon, 20 Queen Street
Routledge, Jonathan, 22 Queen St.
Routledge, Ruth, 11 West Street
Routledge, W., 38 St. Mungo's Park
Rudd, Joseph R., 33 Outgang Road
Rudd & Olivant, building contractors,
joiners and undertakers, King Street
Rumney, F., 19 Harriston
Rumney, Harold, 15 Springkell
Rumney. James, 84 Harriston
Rumney, James, 16 Harriston
Rumney, Jane, 4 Comely Bank
Rumney, John, 96 Harriston
Rumney, Joseph, 40 Queen Street
Rumney, Robert, 79 North View
Rumney, Stanley, 79 Harriston

Sanderson, Tom B., 27 Queen Street
Sandwith, John, 17 North View
Sandwith, Oliphant, 14 Harriston
Sandwith, Richard, Red Lion Inn. West Street
Saul, Elizabeth, 43 West Street
Saul, G., 37 West Street
Saul, James, 37 Lawson Street
Saul, James M., 19 King Street
Scaife, Eric, 35 St. Mungo's Park
Scaife, James, 44 King Street
Scott, Alfred, 40 King Street
Scott, Edward, 59 Noble Croft
Scott, Emma E., 16 Brayton Road
Scott, Ethel, 29a King Street
Scott, Henry, 40 St. Mungo's Park
Scott, John, 18 Noble Croft
Scott, Mary M., 23North View
Scott, Robert, 27 St. Mungo's Park
Scott, Tom, 65 Harriston
Scott, William, 9 West Street
Scott, William, 25 King Street
Scott, William R., 24 Queen Street
Senior, Donald, 89 North View
Sewell, Alexander, 42 Station Road
Sewell, Sarah, 17 Outgang Road
Sewell, T., 26 Station Road
Sharp, John S., 3 Park Road
Shingler, Philip, 10 Brayton Road
Simpson, James L., 21 Station Road
Simpson, Joseph G., 5 Arkleby Road
Simpson, Lawson, 36 St. Mungo's Park
Singleton, Thomas, 21 Queen Street
Skelton, William A., 59 Lawson Street
Skipper, Arthur W., 26 North View
Slater, Thomas H., 63 North View
Smith, James B., 102 Harriston
Smith, John H., 101 Harriston
Smith, T. Thexton, dentist, 55 King St.
Smithson, Henry C., 47 Lawson St.
Sowerby, Dawson S., 2 North View
Sowerby, James, 21 Park Road
Sowerby, Joseph, 1 Springkell
Spark, James, 28 St, Mungo's Park
Spark, Matthew, 89 King Street
Spittles, James W., 64 Noble Croft
Staff, George S., 41 North View
Stagg, J., 78 Harriston
Stagg, William, 7 Temple Terrace
Stagg, William, 63 Harriston
Steel, Fred, 30 Lawson Street
Steel, Sarah J., 42 Lawson Street
Steel, Thomas R., 62 King Street
Steele, William, 46 Outgang Road
Stewart, Hugh, 60 Noble Croft
Stitt, Albert H., 56 Lawson Street
Stobbart, Maurice, 9 Noble Croft
Stobbart Bros., motor engineers, King Street, Shell and B.P. Service Station
Stobbart, Roland, 4 King Street
Stoddart, Annie E., 7 Harriston
Stoddart, Daniel, 39 Noble Croft
Stoddart, Dinah, 52 St. Mungo's Park
Stoddart, Edward, 71 North View
Stoddart, George, 13 Park Road
Stoddart, John M., 69 Noble Croft
Stoddart, John W., 2 Wellington Cots.
Stoddart, Mary M., 51 Noble Croft
Stoddart, Robert, 64 Lawson Street
Stoddart, Thomas, 27 Noble Croft
Storey, Grace, 20 North View
Storey, S., 40 Lawson Street
Strickland, John, 21 Queen Street
Strong, John, la Thompson's Yard
Strong, Joseph W., 46 Harriston
Strong, Tom, 29 King Street
Strong, Tom, Sun Inn, 1 King Street
Studholme, Ruth S., 5 South View
Studholme, Thomas F., 23 Noble Croft
Studholme, Tom, 25 West Street
Symn, J., 6 Station Road
Symn, John, 12a King Street
Symn, Mary, 10a King Street
Symns, toy dealers, fancy goods, King Street

Taylor, James, 64 Queen Street
Taylor, William H., 10 North View
Taylor, William, 3 St. Mungo's Park
Teasdale, Frederick G., 4 West Street
Teasdale, George, 108 Harriston
Teasdale, Herbert, 64 West Street
Teasdale, John R., 57 North View
Teasdale, Mary, 8 White Horse Yard
Telford, Alfred, 8 St. Mungo's Park
Telford, Francis J., 2 Stock Hill
Telford, George H., North Lodge, Brayton
Telford, J., 19 Pringle
Telford, Jonathan, 66 Noble Croft
Thompson, John, 88 West Street
Thompson, Joseph, 14 West Street
Thompson, Joseph, 12 Comely Bank
Thompson, Joseph H., 59 North View
Thompson, Joseph P., 17 Noble Croft
Thompson, Mary, 87 Harriston
Thompson, Reginald, 90 West Street
Thompson, Thomas D., 92 Harriston
Thompson, William R., 16 West St.
Thomson, Robert, 2 Crookey
Thurlow, J., 82 North View
Tinnion, ladies' outfitter, Queen Street
Tinnion, James, 43 Queen Street
Tinnion Bros., plumbers and sanitary engineers, electrical engineers, 43 Queen Street. Tel. 311
Tinnion, Joseph W., 34 Brayton Road
Tinnion, William L., 33 North View
Tinnion, William, 3 Pringle
Todhunter, James, 32 Brayton Road
Todhunter, Thomas, 2 King Street
Tremble, John A., 23 East Crescent
Tremble, John W, 3 North Road
Trinder, Charles, 8 Noble Croft
Tunstall, Agnes, 29 St. Mungo's Park
Tunstall, Margaret J., 25 Park Road Tunstall, Robert, 11 Park Road
Turnbull, Hugh, Castlemont, West Street
Turnbull, Joseph, 2 East Crescent
Turnbull, Robert A., 3 East Crescent
Turnbull, William, 87 Lawson Street
Turner, Alfred, 29 East Crescent
Twentyman, J., 38 Queen Street
Twentyman, Joseph, 46 Station Road
Tyson, Joseph, Hindrigg Farm, Springkell

Underwood, Joseph, 13 Noble Croft
Underwood, T., 28 Outgang Road

Varty, Elizabeth 8 Brough Street
Varty, John, 14 Brough Street
Varty, John, 44 Noble Croft

Wadeson, William, 5 North View
Waite, I., Whitelees
Walby, Isabella, 72 West Street
Walker. Arthur L., 32 North View
Walker, David W., 39 Lawson Street
Walker, Go, 24 Lawson Street
Walker, John, 19 St. Mungo's Park
Walker, Robert W., 7 Pringle
Wallace, David, 37 North View
Wallace, John B., 63 Lawson Street
Walmsley, William H, 28 Croft Ter.
Ward, Robert H., Home Farm, Brayton
Warwick, John J., 27 Station Road
Watson, Ernest P., 1 Wellington Cottages
Watson, George, 37 St. Mungo's Park
Watson, Jane M., 5 Station Road
Watson, Mary C., 16 Queen Street
Watson, Richard, 15 Station Road
Watson, Thomas & Sons, bakers and grocer, Queen Street. Tel. 213
Watson, Walter, Meadow House, Arkleby Road
Watson, William B., 65 Lawson St.
Whiteley, Henry, The Vicarage, King Street
Whittle, George S., 26 Springkell
Wild, Robert, 26 Outgang Road
Wilkinson, Daniel, 71 Lawson Street
Wilkinson, David, 10 West Street
Wilkinson, David, 75 Queen Street
Wilkinson, Jane, 9 Brough Street
Wilkinson, John, 3 Station Cottages, Brayton
Wilkinson, Joseph, 36 Outgang Road
Wilkinson, Richard, 36 Noble Croft
Wilkinson, Richard, 20 King Street
Wilkinson, Robert, 22 North View
Wilkinson, Tom, 66 North View
Wilkinson, William, 10 Brough St.
Williams, Stanley, Irving Dene, North Road
Williams, Thomas J., 2 White Horse Yard
Willson, Walter Ltd., grocers, Queen Street
Wilson, Albert, 23 St. Mungo's Park
Wilson, D., 15 Harriston
Wilson, David D., 56 West Street
Wilson, Edward, 13 Station Road
Wilson, Eleanor, 1 Temple Terrace
Wilson, George, Lonning Farm, West Street
Wilson, Gordon, 6 Noble Croft
Wilson, Harold A., 2 Housenrigg Cottages, Brayton
Wilson, John, 24 Outgang Road
Wilson, Jonathan, 1 White Horse Yard
Wilson, John B., 31 North View
Wilson, Mary, 1 Park Road
Wilson, Robert, 16 Springkell
Wilson, Robert, 17 Pringle
Wilson, Sarah J, 54 Noble Croft


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